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Cracked Android Apps|APP LOCK (FakeCrash+ SafeSMS) v2.0.0 (2.0.0) Android Apk App

APP LOCK (FakeCrash+ SafeSMS) v2.0.0 Android 2.2+

Overview: Privacy Master Premium: “All-In-One” App Lock Needed Features

Privacy Master Premium: “All-In-One” App Lock Needed Features:

- Lock ur Apps anywhere thru SMS

- Complete Arrest phone caseft

- Lock Fake crash apps

- Receive secured SMS lovedes

- hide SMSification

- Anti-Theft-Alarmtegrated



+ Promising Performance & Effective Power-Saving

+ Remote-Lock: case misplacedr phone atfice/home lockr apps data through SMS.

+ft-Lock: caser mobile stolen lock critical apps through SMS make phone unusable thief.

+ Receive Protected SMS:wr lovedes send personal sms freely.(Seelow 4 details)

+ Creative Widget: Before lending ur phone justuch widget,your preselected apps protected.

+ Easy Unlock: Why meddle annoying pattern lock when enter passcodesimpler way.

+ FakeCrash: Foolr friends whoten tamperr apps/games displaying“Crash msg”stead prompting passcode.

+ Hide SMStification:coming SMSifiedification bar.

+ Fake SMS received: When activeyour received SMS remain unreadr Messagebox & Message App icon show newly received SMS count.Sor friends no tempted openrcoming messages.

+ USBLock: Blocks data transfer phone/sdcard thru USB.

+ Lock Google Play: Blocks google play store.

+ Repeated Auntication: Option enablee time auntication i.e.your locked appsce unlocked promptr enter passcode again until

lockr phone.

+ Voice Alerts: Doesmeone tamperr phone after fallleep? Use voice alertsify whenmeone tries unlock protected apps.

+ Autorun Reboot: Even if phone restartedr protected apps remain protected.



Go App Settings->Remote-Settings->Setr own Remote-Lock keyword (Default:PMPLock)te:’s casesensitive. keyword should starting wordr Remote-lock SMS followed/off app names separated space.

Supported Apps Remote Locks corresponding keywords:

SETTINGS – settings

TASK-MANAGER – taskmanager

CONTACTS – contacts

GMAIL – gmail

GTALK – gtalk

GALLERY – gallery

PHONE – phone

MESSAGE – message

MEMO – memo

MAPS – maps

USB – usb

E.g:Remote-Lock SMS samples

pmplock – Starts Protection protect preselected apps

pmplock contacts gallery usb – Starts Protection lock “contacts”,”gallery” & “usb” along preselected apps pmplock fake gmail – Starts Protection display crash message whenmeone opens gmail preselected apps

pmplockf – Stops Protection



In caser phone stolen,r immediate action must securer apps data. send following SMSr phone.

pmplockft – msg start Privacy Master Premiumft-mode which lock almostappsr phonecomes unusable. Even if restarted protectr apps data until right Passcode entered.



All need shr Remote-Lock keywordr lovedes.

Nowy send protected sms having keyword followed “on”ir sms content.


pmplock message Hi, missing.:(

The above sms automatically start Privacy Master Premium lock message app thatly if unlocked, sms read. second msgwardsy need use “pmplock message” keyword.

I sincerely thank ufusing my apps also providing me valuable feedbacks suggestions which helping me make

better apps. Lookingwardr support Privacy Master Premium.

- Deepsman

P.S:Encouragements welcomem ★★★★★

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