Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies v1.0.4 (1.0.4) Android Apk Game

Call Duty: Black Ops Zombies v1.0.4 2.3.3+

Overview: Call Duty: Black Ops Zombiesw Available Android. Call Duty: Zombies phenomenon risen back life


Adaptedst-selling console hit built specifically tablets smartphones, Call Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers fan-favorite, heart-pounding maps: Kino Der Toten,cension, Call Dead: Director’s Cut, well “Dead-Ops Arcade,”50-level zombie gauntlet that provides ultimate undead challenge fans Call Duty’s signature zombie warf.

Playlo jointeam up 4 players via Wi-Fi mowwn hordes zombies usingvariety weapons perksly available Call Duty zombie experience.

Andn’t just takeword; here what critics think game:

• “Call Duty: Black Ops Zombiesmust-have any Call Duty fan everyday gamers alike.” –

• “As far whole package concerned, I adore Dead Ops Arcade mode feel adds significant value $6.99 price tag” – Destructoid

• “Dead Ops…a perfect fit mobile platform.” – G4 TVline

Players also opt enhanceir experience get outjam-game CoD Point System. With six tiers-app purchasing options choose, Zombies fans able takeir experiencewhole new level unlocking additional as securingtter weapons much less time. Pleasee that CoD points ly applicable single player.

• Buy CoD points Main Menu use when run out earned points-game.

• CoD points spent anything game reviving, openingors, weapons, perks, mystery boxly used when have enough earned points.

• Revives also bought CoD points if dieout revive perk, although three revive limit still applies.

•te:r CoD points lost if app uninstalledr .

Sure, earning Achievements Point-Multipliers nice,to survivese Co-Op Maps,’ll need friends much’ll need firepower. Lucky,ly weapons perks love Call Duty lie atr fingertips, join up 4 players via Wi-Fi play mulitiplayer.

As if thatn’t enough, Call Duty: Black Ops Zombies alsocludes “Dead-Ops Arcade” mode,arcade-stylep-down shooter perfectly suited mobile combat vets. Unlocking mode easy—find four missing coins game’s menus.

Andn’tgetwnload Call Duty: ELITE Mobile Appinside-edger console Call Duty Multiplayer experience. Head over Google Play Store grisly details both Apps.

What’s version:

Fixed stabilitysuesme s.

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Downloadstructions:Released chathu_ac


Cache File : OBB [Mali-400 MP]

Instructions: (Root/Offline)

Copy 3 Zip Titaniumbackup folder Restore ‘App+Data’

Copy ‘com.atv.blackops’ folder’sdcard/Android/obb/’

Launch Game[/list]