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Cracked Android Apps|Sonos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)

Sonos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)

Overview: Controlrnos system directlyr home-screen!nos Widgetwidgetrnos system. Android OS 2.2 up

Market Update Released: October 1, 2012

Price: $1.20" border="0" alt="yzoiq zps6a1595e3nos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)" title="Sonos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)" />

What’s Newnos Widget Pro version 2.2:


• New setting volume-steps.

• Support multiple systemsout re-scanning.

• Auto-detect new/removed players name/IP changes.

•wly connects known players current network.

• 4×4: Only shows connected players.

• 4×4: Scan button when no known players found.

• 4×4: Remove tracks queue using long-press proper load queues 500+ tracks.

• Bug-fixes.

• New settings screen.

Choose three types widgets;

•rmal (4×1)

• Extended (4×1) samermal,also shows album art current track.

• Controller (4×4, Android 3.0+, Proly) re-sizable widget which gives complete controlr entirenos System.


• Manageyour zones.

• Support multiple systems (Home/Work).

• See whats currently playing.

• Playback & Volume control

• Support multiple active widgets, eache controllingzone.

• Changes appearancer widgets, choose multiplemes.

• Controller Widget Android 3.0+ that givescomplete overviewr entirenos system.

—— Basic setup ——

[Addingr ZonePlayers]

- DragSonos Widgetr home-screen, open menu select “Add ZonePlayers”, followstructions.

[Select ZonePlayer widget (Normal Album widget)]

- After addingr ZonePlayers, selectplayer proceed selecting “Set active”. Remember exit application using Back-button.

[Switch Playback Volume control (Normal Album widget) ]

- Tap Artist/Track label switch view states.

[Changing active player widget (Normal Album widget) ]

- From Volume control view, open settings select new playern select ‘Set active’.

[Changing appearance widget (Normal Album widget) ]

- From Volume control view, open settings select ‘Change apperance’.

[View queue (Controller-widget)]

- Tap artist/track labelgiven ZonePlayer show’s queue.

—– Issues —–

[Widget stopped working]

-you updated 2.2 need re-addr widgetsr homescreen AND re-scanr network.

- case that ALLr ZonePlayers have recived new IP-adresses need use “Add ZonePlayer” feature refreshr ZonePlayers.

- Enable ‘High Performance’ if experiencing frequent connection drops.

[No connection]

- Make sure that phone connected same WiFi-network ZonePlayers.

- network must support UPnP (this might disabled defaultr router).

- following ports using connectingZonePlayer: 6969, 1900 1400.

[Widget showing]

- Make sure have selectedZonePlayer active current widget,dicatedsymbol ZonePlayer list players.

- When addingwidget make sure that exit settings using Back-button via home.

[Sonos Widget shown Widget list]

- Onme s custom ROMsmetimes necessary reboot fore widget appear list.

[Sonos Widgetes find any ZonePlayers my network]

- Try disabling any network firewall that might causesues.

- Make sure that following ports blockedr network: 6969, 1900 1400.

See-app help furrsistance contact me

—– Permissions —–

android.permission.INTERNET – required communicating ZonePlayers.

android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE – required connectingr ZonePlayers.

android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – requiredme features s running HTC Sense 4.0.

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – required detecting network changes (WiFi turned/off)

android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – needed ensure that WiFi remains active duringme actions (adding ZonePlayers).

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Downloadnos Widget Pro 2.2 (Android)