Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|App Backup & Restore v2.0.3 (2.0.3) Final Android Apk App

App Backup & Restore v2.0.3 Final Android 1.6+

Overview: Backup & restore appsroid

App Backup & Restore used backup restore appsroid.


- Backup apps SD card

- Batch backup

- Backup market link protected apps

- Restore apps SD card

- Batch restore

- Quick uninstalling

-rt apps name,stall date, size

- Auto backupstall

- Show storage usage

- Multi version backup

- Search app Google market

- Send apk email

- Sh market link

- Support App2SD

***tice: App Backupnot backup data settings apps,itly backup apks.



Q: Why’t I restore apps?

A: Go “System Settings”->”Applications”, enable “Unknownurces” setting,n restore apps SD card.

Q: Does backup data apps?

A:, currentlyly backup apks apps.

Q: How I send archived app drop box?

A: requires dropbox alreadystalledr phone, click “Archived” Tab, long click app that want send,n click “Dorpbox”.

Q: What “Protected” apps?

A: “Protected” means that apps protected “Copy Protection”, apkmnot copied SD card. On backup, market linksm saved restoring.

Q: How checkun-archived un-installed apps?

A: Click checkbox left bottom.

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What’s new version:


#Savert state

#Send debugfo after failure

#Hide search bar settings


#Checkun-installed apps

#Checkun-archived apps

#Clear cache & refresh settings

(Click checkbutton left bottom checkun-archived apps)


#Fix FC bug

(We veryrry about FC bug!)


#New UI

#Removable storage check

#Fixme bugs

-Recommend app nag screen removed: Unexampled Orion