Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Awesome Miniature Pro v4.0 (4.0) Android Apk App

Awesome Miniature Pro v4.0 Android 2.2 up

Overview: Brand New Tilt-Shift Maker! Hope enjoy Awesome Miniature World!

Brand New Tilt-Shift Maker! Hope enjoy Awesome Miniature World.

Experience attractive blur effect powerful editing features Awesome Miniature Pror palm!

Transformr momenttoscene movies! Changerdinarywnmysterious miniature world!

Meet Awesome Miniature Pro stepside new stage photography!


3 types Blur effect: Linear, Radial, Oval – Linear blur miniature effect. Radial blur sleek depthd effect. Oval blur detailed a setting.

Live Blur – Make real-time! Control blur a watchr effect simultaneously.

(※ Live Blurexperimental feature might workme s.)

Various 30 filter effects that mix – Vintage effectsstagram, ColSplash effects, B&W effects Professional Film effects! able control opacity presets real-time. And stack every effect much want.

Powerful editing features – Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Coland White Balance.n’t need anor photo editfbasic editing.

Save various resolutions – Awesome Miniature Pro allows savephoto SNS optimized sizes up size 2048 px.


Takephoto Loadphoto

Environmental settings

Crop Rotate

3 types blur : Linear, Radial Oval.

Blur strength control

30 awesome filter effects real-time control

Color, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, White Balance Tint

Different styles opacity control Vignetting

Useful stylish Borders

Comporiginal photo anytime

User Manual

What’s version:

[3.9 update]

- Border : Roundness & Thickness control new design