Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Root CM10/AOKP Theme: MURDER v2.0.0.1

cc.jpg ѻѻ 4.0+ ѻѻ Get MURDEREDday!!! ѻѻ *REQUIRES ROOT* ѻѻ *REQUIRESCUSTOM ROM THAT EQUIPPEDME CHOOSER APPLICATION LIKE BAKED, AOKP, GUMMY, CM10,* ѻѻ * RECEIVE ERRTHATME COMPILEDCORRECTLY JUST APPLY "STOCK"ME MUST REBOOT.NSTALL MURDER REBOOT* ѻѻ *TESTED HDPI X-HDPI S* ѻѻmed Far: ѻѻ *Apex Launcher ѻѻ *Nova Launcher ѻѻ *Trebuchet Launcher ѻѻ *Browser (somewhat) ѻѻ *Calculat-verted ѻѻ *Calendar -verted ѻѻ *DeskClock ѻѻ *Email - Partiallyverted ѻѻ *Gmail - Partiallyverted ѻѻ *Mms -Partiallyverted ѻѻ *Contacts ѻѻ *Phone ѻѻ *Vending ѻѻ *ROM Control (AOKP) ѻѻ *Settings ѻѻ *GTalk ѻѻ *SystemUI ѻѻ *Framework-res ѻѻ *Animatedification Icons (Gmail, MMS, Market Updates, Market Updates Finished, WiFi Range, USB Connected, next update... ѻѻSTALLATION GUIDE: ѻѻ 1.wnloadme ѻѻ 2. Go settings menu where applyme(s) ѻѻ 3. Choose MURDER ѻѻ 4. Hit "Apply anyway" ( get compiling errfollow my steps at veryp page) ѻѻ 5. REBOOT ѻѻ 6. Get MURDERED ѻѻ I have tested Blacked Out ROMS well bone stock looks good apks need layouts editedder complete Blacked Out look'll seeme apks that justmed. I'm well awI could fix I would... Thank supporting my work credit Nitroz base ( I think that'se I used) ѻѻ play ѻѻ <input type="button" value=""> ѻѻ ѻѻwnload: ѻѻ ѻѻ

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