Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness v4.3.0927

unnamed.jpg ѻѻ 1.6+ ѻѻ Professional bodybuilding, weight training workout app. Sync result PC. ѻѻ Pro ads-free version JEFIT Workout Application,cludes functions JEFIT Free plusme extra features paying users: ѻѻ Why JEFITST Workout App : ѻѻ - Largest exercise routine database web application ѻѻ - Full Two - Way Synchronizationline JEFIT Profile. ѻѻ - Easiest way trackr workouts, create routines, body statistics lifting progress, savesprogress keep motivated furr exercising, fitness workouts. ѻѻ - Completely customizable routines exercises createweekly workout routineyour own. ѻѻ Workout Routine Planner : ѻѻ - User friendly workout routine manager. ѻѻ - Easily create own workout routines base built-in exercises custom exercises. ѻѻ - Adjustable sets each exercise. ѻѻ - Support multiple routines. Easily switch among Bulking,Cutting,General Sport Specific routines. ѻѻ Smart Logging System : ѻѻ - Automaticput weight reps whening exercises. ѻѻ - Automatic recordr 1RM (1 rep maximum) each set. ѻѻ - Automatic saverst lifting record each exercise. ѻѻ Two-Way Synchronization : ѻѻ - Synchronizer iPhone Workout Datarline Profile. ѻѻ - Storeformation data JEFIT Server recoverfoinstant ѻѻ - need logto website record workout data. ѻѻ - Synchronizewnload workout routinestor phone ѻѻ Progress Tracking System : ѻѻ - Graphic chart tracking both body stats lifting stats ѻѻ - Tracking weight,body fat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders,earms,neck,hip,thighs calves ѻѻ - Auto-calculater BMI (Body Massdex) ѻѻ Detailed Exercise Database : ѻѻ - Built-in hundreds weight training exercises categorized body parts ѻѻ - Search Function allows ease finding searching exercises workouts routines ѻѻ - Contain 500+ exercisestruction, animations tips ѻѻ - Track io, Weight Lifting, Fitness Strength Training Exercises. ѻѻ -stant Workout Function allows users performexerciseout having edit routine ѻѻ Resting Timer : ѻѻ - Adjustable resting timertween sets duringworkout. ѻѻ - Reminder what exercise need nextir workout. ѻѻ - Show previous training logscoming exercisetaking break. ѻѻ Progress Profile Photos ѻѻ - Ability take Progress/Profile Photos Phone's Built Camera ѻѻ - Upload Imagesr JEFIT Profileout having turncomputere-click uploads ѻѻ - Create Photo Albums dedicatedr Progress Photos JEFIT Website ѻѻ - Upload picturesstantly setr Profile Avatar Photos ѻѻterval Timer ѻѻ - Countdownterval timer perform exercises undercertain time limit ѻѻ - Stop watch function timer workouts ѻѻ -e clickstant switchtween functions ѻѻ User Reviews: ѻѻ - “JEFITST Workout App EVER! combinationwnloadble routines mix upr workout ability graph trackr bodybuilding progressline” ѻѻ - “JEFITst bodybuilding application market, never go gymout” ѻѻ - “This bodybuilding app perfect” ѻѻ - “I have used previous bodybuilding appsthise takes cake, workouts easier track I never go gymout” ѻѻ - “Handswnst bodybuilding app available, I Love!” ѻѻ *Note: utilize synchronization feature, Account required back upr data keep trackr statistics JEFIT Website. CreateFREE JEFIT Account at ѻѻ questions answers, goFAQ page JEFIT Website.formation about JEFITroid Workout/Bodybuilding Application, viewFeatures pagewnloadroid User Manual. ѻѻ JEFITroid Application brought JEFITc,e fastest growing workout bodybuilding application websiteday. Give JEFITtry see why millions users have chosen JEFIT Workout Applicationnefitir workouts exercises. ѻѻ What's version: ѻѻ 1.) Fixedbug that causes random crashes when sync JEFIT server. ѻѻ play: ѻѻ <input type="button" value=""> ѻѻ ѻѻwnload: ѻѻ ѻѻ

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