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Cracked Android Apps|Greedy Monsters 1.0 (Android)

Greedy Monsters 1.0 (Android)

Overview: “Playing game quite addictive,ly due hectic time management gameplay, combined well-paced levels humorous monsters.” Android OS 2.2 up

Market Update Released: September 26, 2012

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Enterworld where hungry monsters searchnew home.

“ developers n’t just tellingstory.y’re conveyingmessage”

IGM Mobile

Note:’s recommended test free versionfore buying version.

The game starts when little hungry monsters,far-far away galaxy very few resources sail searchnew home. player’s mission feed monsters colony grantmir survival.

Those little creatures tested very hard, almost everything happenm, starting food shortage, epidemics, pests, problems caused hoarding garbage, high food prices, over population or questions which very commonplanet.

They dead hungry,y always want eat,! Greedy monsters requires quick thinkinglot focus. At any timesurprise change entirely router game. Have fun wishes those monsters makeofm come true.ny able re-establishir specie new planet.

Greedy monstersly grantlot fun,it also make player think about very important questions regarding us (humans) survival, here earth. Is gameages shows us how important sustainability,invery simple way course, very humorous.

Greedy Monsters MAIN FEATURES

✓ Rich background,lot well-humored characters.

✓ Universal: smartphones & tablets cross compatible

✓ Brings us question about sustainabilityvery simple humorous way

✓ Highly challenging, situations that stimulate player

✓ Very simple gameplay, just need grab monsters or-game elementsr finger

✓ Exclusiveundtrackund effects

✓ Very addictive



Overpopulation compromise future next generations. great challenge level, largest amount monsters, just makelittle bit exciting, game already starts lotsm.


Epidemics have alwaysenchallenge humanity, Greedy World’s different. Be quick, control diseases make sure thatmonsters healthy. nurse Serina great help level. Stay healthy.


The monsters love junk-food, levelir love thattensified, overweight population starts rise. Personal trainer Gibb help out put those little monsters wherey should.


An array pestsminate capsules,refore compromisingr food-supply, Call P. Buster exterminate those pests; he’ll help keep Greedy World’s survival.


The capsules now overpriced, monsters growing high want go ahead’ve controlr cash very well. Try spend little possible watch out whatcreasesr score’s mos

What’s New Greedy Monsters version 1.0:

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