Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Handrite Note Pro v1.7 (1.7) Final Android Apk App

 Handritete Pro v1.7 Final

It’s write idea. Handrite alows writer finger rightr screen. Each time liftr finger, character symbol wrote appearsebookterface. replicates exactly what add screen. Give up apper habit keep, send, postres.

You’reimportant meeting lecture when suddenly realize–yougotr penebook! Or’re atparty need takewnphone numbere-mail address. Don’t trustr memory try scribbledry-cleaning receipt; Handritelution need.

The Write Move

Rar than trying frantically typeesr keyboard, Handritete allows writer finger rightr Android’s screen. Each time liftr finger, character symbol wrote appearsebookterface. When finishword, just hit space bar icon at bottom screen. Hit Return if want movewn next line.you makemistake,re’ssimple backspace button deletecharacters need. also cut paste ease.

Handriteteesn’t try “read”r handwriting. Rar, replicates exactly what trace screen,drawing program. avoids pain having “train” app readr writing,evitable mistakes that occur. also means sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mamatical equations–whatever writestantly recorded digitally later reference. Andes saved automatically.

Right at Hand

You know how goes: writemethingwnslip paper pad,n misplacen’t have when need.w haveres attimes, wher’reach boardroom. app’s time stamp labeling system allows categorize,rt, findres quickly easily.

You also exportresfew taps screen. Wher want saver SD card, sendrselfmeone else e-mail, tweet, post Facebook, anor sharing method,noteesn’t have remain teredr Android . Export eir JPEG PNGmat.

Function Form

Unlikenotepad applications, Handritete allows write style. Create save different types “pens,” adjusting line thickness colto fitr needs.n swapm out when needed. also choose 14 different styles “paper,”cludingautifullid hues,ebook lines, even graph paper. sizer text spacing also adjustable, customizem easy readability. Make right choice Handritete Android.

What’s version : (Updated : Sep 25, 2012)

Bug fix: Desktop widget won’t refresh atebook creating.

Improved save algorithm, avoid (very unlikely) saving error.

Wider button.

Removed “back” button.

Removedse menuems: “Rename”(you tap title rename), “set labels”(you tap labels set), “showft key”(you dragolbar upwardly)

Adjust default configuration/setting new user.

Fix problem that whenebook title long,’s difficult tap open.

Adjustder hint.

Required Android O/S : 1.6+