Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Bad Piggies By Rovio Entertainment Ltd v1.0.0

Bad Piggies ѻѻ Rovio Entertainment Ltd ѻѻ Game Center ѻѻ Description ѻѻ creators Angry Birds:all new game PIGS’ point view! ѻѻ Create ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing pilot pigs safely eggs! ѻѻ Bad Piggies after eggs again --as usual,hing going according plan! create ultimate flying machine steerm safelyir destination? Those tricky pigs havefew objectsy use,y needr help turnseto perfect transportation! ѻѻ than 60 levels, free updates coming up, have hours hours pig-crashing, exploding, flying fun! Get three stars every level unlock 30 puzzles! HINT:metimes need play level several times achieve objectives -- try buildingnew steeringdifferent way earn stars! ѻѻ Features ѻѻ ● 60 levels crammed flying/driving/crashing fun! ѻѻ ● 30 additional puzzles unlocked three-starring levels! ѻѻ ● Free updates! ѻѻ ● 4 sandbox levels stretchr creativity! ѻѻ ● Ultra-special, ultra-secret, ultra-difficult sandbox level unlock collecting skulls! ѻѻ ● 33 objects create ultimate machine: motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, much! ѻѻ Mechanic Pig ѻѻ ● Need help? little piggy build! ѻѻ ● Mechanic pig pre-assembles transport! ѻѻ ●you have pilot! ѻѻ ● Tweak design getthree stars! ѻѻ Get ready see pigs fly! ѻѻcomefan Bad Piggies Facebook: ѻѻ Updater Browser | Facebook ѻѻ Follow us Twitter: ѻѻ Bad Piggies (BadPiggies) Twitter ѻѻ Terms Use: EULA - Rovio Entertainment Ltd ѻѻ Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy - Rovio Entertainment Ltd ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ VERSION 1.0.0 ѻѻ Download Turbobit ѻѻ Download Fiberupload ѻѻ Download Depositfiles