Monday, September 17, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|2G,3G,4G Network Monitor (F) v1.15.03

2G,3G,4G Network Monit(F) v1.15.03 ѻѻ 2.2 higher ѻѻ ѻѻ 2G,3G,4G Network Monit(FULL) ѻѻ 2G,3G,4G,CDMA Network MonitorWidget (1x1): ѻѻ - fast network mode change ѻѻ - enable/disable mobile data ѻѻ - showing current status statistics ѻѻ - network monitor/counter traffic mobile data Wi-Fi ѻѻ -ification when signal lost ѻѻ - advertisement ѻѻ !!! READ CFULLY DESCRIPTION AVOID ANY COMMENTS WHICH SAYING THAT APPLICATIONES EXACTLY WHAT DESCRIBED HERE !!! ѻѻ applicationes (check screenshots get picture, how looks): ѻѻ - shows current network status widget/onification icon ѻѻ - shows current mobile data status widget/onification icon ѻѻ - enable/disable mobile datae tap widget (2G-3G Mobile Data) ѻѻ - opens network setting switchinge tap widget (2G-3G Shortcut) ѻѻ - shows statistic howbytes applications transferred (network traffic counter) ѻѻ - shows statistic howbytes transferred over mobile network over Wi-Fi (network traffic counter) ѻѻ - shows statistic how long me network (GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA,.) ѻѻ Application shows following statuses: ѻѻ 2G (GPRS), 2G (EDGE), 3G (UMTS), 3G (HSDPA), 3G (HSPA), 3G (HSUPA), 3G(EHRPD), CDMA (RTT), CDMA, CDMA (EVDO 0), CDMA (EVDO A), CDMA (EVDO B), IDEN, 4G (LTE), 4G (HSPAP) ѻѻ must runce after stallation application, orwise Widgets work! Also use Task Killer, put app ignore list!youn´t need any statistic, disable Preferences. ѻѻformation visit my website: ѻѻ applicationesn´t drain battery.n´t say,you´t prove. you wish checkrself, use applications, like PowerTut(free). ѻѻyou have suggestion, comment bug report, please use "Feedback" Menu – Preferences. very hard help,youly criticize applicationout additional formation Market. ѻѻ Always test Lite versionfore buy Full version avoid any misunderstanding! Full version unlimited statistics, thatly difference. I am trying give stol I,it very time consuming I get, I : ) ѻѻ Please always keep application updated avoid any problems. ѻѻ What's version: ѻѻ 1.15.xx ѻѻ - ICS design ѻѻ - improvedifications ѻѻ - fixed data switch ѻѻ 1.14.xx ѻѻ - decreased battery consumption caused statistic ѻѻ - option disable graphs ѻѻ 1.13.xx ѻѻ - data widget upgrade ѻѻ 1.12.xx ѻѻ - new/fixed translations ѻѻ - new widget shows data flow wifi mobile network ѻѻ -me bugfixes ѻѻ 1.11.xx ѻѻ - new icons app widget ѻѻ - optional warning when signal lost ѻѻ - possible change colfeach type service (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS,.) ѻѻfo ѻѻ <input type="button" value=""> ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ