Monday, September 17, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Easy Video Player v1.0.5 AdFree

Easy Video Player v1.0.5 AdFree ѻѻ v2.1+ ѻѻ Easy Video Player,popularmats supported. ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ Easy Video Player,popularmats supported. ѻѻ Unsupportedmatsr videos? ѻѻ HD videos unavailable playing? ѻѻ’t transfersout USB cable? ѻѻ Wanna keepme videos private? ѻѻ Herer answer! ѻѻ Highlights: ѻѻ 1. Easy Video Player perfectly supportspopular videomats. ѻѻ really easy convenient playr videosout troublesome conversion.s smart core technology auto detects videomats makes much easier enjoy smoortter quality videos. ѻѻ also enables HD video, which means enjoy high quality frame anywhere just usingr phone. ѻѻ 2. Managesr videos. ѻѻ Scansr phone's videos makes easier manage videos. keepsr video playing progress resume video's previous progress. ѻѻ 3. Hides videosr video list keepsm private ѻѻ have secret videos sexy girl sex videosr phone thatn't want ors see? "Hide Video" feature meetr request. ѻѻ 4. WiFi transfer: Uploadwnload videos/fromr phone overwireless connection. ѻѻ Transferringsout USB cabledream. WiFi Transferlight-weight web server that lets uploadwnloads/fromr phone overwireless connection.esn't require any specialftw computer use anywhere seconds ѻѻ Features: ѻѻ 1.popular videomats ѻѻ 2. SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle MKV embedded subtitle videos. ѻѻ 3. Multi-audio streams multi-subtitles videos ѻѻ 4. Playlists continuous play ѻѻ 5. Advanced media librariesrt videos type ѻѻ 6. Thumbnail displays videos ѻѻ 7. Flashmats video - swf, flv videos ѻѻ 8. HD video playing memory optimization ѻѻ 9. Playing gesture ѻѻ 10. Codec Plugin ѻѻ Easy Video Player dynamically linked FFmpeg shd video decoding library, which compiled contain LGPL decoders splittersly.urce codeswnloaded website: ѻѻ ѻѻ What's New: ѻѻ - recent changes. ѻѻ app advertisement ѻѻ /> ѻѻ <input type="button" value=""> ѻѻ ѻѻ Downloadstructions: ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ