Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Game Releases • Prince of Persia Classic v1.1

Prince Persia Classic v1.1 2.2+
Overview: Prince Persia.

You Prince Persiadaring rescue mission saver Princess.
Fulfillr destiny, play game, experience thrills adventures classic tale


Old tale, New skin
Replay adventureiginal Prince Persiacomplete new skin battler way through dungeon rescue Princess.
Perform death defying stunts proceed dark grim dungeonsautiful Palacewer.

Amazing Levels
The path rescue never simple.
Levels filled fiendish traps which require unflinching resolve completed Prison guards wholy defeated excellent swordplay trickery! Unveil dark secret which set stone legacy that follow.

Multiple Game Modes
Normal Mode: Understand game, learn different tricks find quickest wayout having worry about time death penalty.
Time Attack: Race against sands time navigate through levels fighting guards find exitr quest rescue Princess. Makete… havely 60 minutes.
Survival: compelling challenging way rescuing Princesse which Prince remains unbeaten. Complete game, 60 minutes,out dying.

Very easy crack, *\assests\appConfig.txt change





stall apk use wifiwnload data folder (try data folder 1.0 renameg.ubisoft.freemium.POPClassic)

Mirrors: ... Twingo.apk ... o.apk.html ... o.apk.html

Or stuff removed (OSR) version: Removed/Disabled: Facebook Promotion icon main menu, papaya (removed), send mail after completinglevel apprater (in short, game eventterout crap). ... R.apk.html ... go.OSR.apk

Enjoy! 8)