Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Game Releases • Monster Park v1.4.5 Mod

Monster Park v1.4.5 Mod 2.1 up
Overview: Play Monster Park FREE!
Buildworld famous Monster Park discoverinsane variety Monsters! Feedm, watchm grow, breedm plungerselfto monsterly fun!

WARNING: may findrself obsessed collecting every single Monster game! Cyclos, dragons, unicorns,!
buildr Park,'ll able:
• Collectzens quirky lovable Monsters
• Watchr Monsters walk, fly, celebrate, laze around
• Fillr Parkns rooms decorations
• Breed discover rst Mythic Monsters - dragons!
• Attract Visitorsr magnificent Park
• Bragr friends thatr Park SOOO muchtter thanirs!
DISCLAIMER: All Monster romances strictly fictional should tried at home.
SUPPORT US: Please rate Monster Park leavereview. We love hearing back Monster fans!
IN-APP PAYMENTS: Monster Park free play,you buystuff game if want. That helps powerMonster Factory make Monsters. also disable-app purchases featurer phone.
FEEDBACK AND QUESTIONS: Feel free reach out us at any time emailing Pleaseclude followingformation that we help effectively!
- Version game playing
- Android that have
- Gmail addresssociated Google Play Account
LOG PERMISSION: We use log permission debug game. Help us get bugs!

What's version:
9/18 - Version 1.4.5 released - Continued bug fixes Romance Room, Expansions various loading crashingsues. Also releasednew Back School SALE!
Introducing new FIRE Monsters set. An ALL NEW set 9 monsters buy, breed collect!

MODfo :
- level rewardcrease 999.999 silver/gold
- quest reward up 999.999 exp/silver
- buyf1 gold silver
- fast contruction 1 gold
- daily bonus up 999.999 silver/gold
- feed monster 1

Credits Lothily

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