Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|WhatsApp Messenger v2.8.4

WhatsApp Messenger v2.8.4 ѻѻ Compatible iPhone. Requires iOS 3.1 later ѻѻ WhatsApp Messengercross-platform smartphone messenger currently available iPhoneor smartphones. ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ********************************* ѻѻ WHY USE WHATSAPP: ѻѻ ********************************* ѻѻ * HIDDEN COST:cer friendswnload application, use chat much want. Sendmillion messagesday r friends free! WhatsApp usesrternet connection: 3G/EDGE Wi-Fi when available. ѻѻ * MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, Voiceesr friends contacts. ѻѻ * GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversationsr contacts. Add Remove group participants, change group subject setgroup icon. ѻѻ * PERSONAL: Setprofile photo which shownyour contacts ѻѻ * TERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just likere added cost sendternational email,re cost send WhatsApp messages ternationally. Chatr friendsover world long y have WhatsApp Messengerstalled avoid those pesky ternational SMS costs. ѻѻ * SAY PINS USERNAMES: Why even bor having remember yet anor PIN username? WhatsApp works r phone number, just like SMS would,tegrates flawlessly r existing phone address book. ѻѻ * NEED LOG/OUT: confusion about getting loggedf anor computer . pushifications WhatsApp ALWAYS ALWAYS CONNECTED. ѻѻ * NEED ADD BUDDIES:r Address Book used automatically connectr contacts.r contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger automatically displayed under Favorites, similarbuddy list. ѻѻ *FLINE MESSAGES: Even missr pushifications turnfr iPhone, WhatsApp saver messagesfline until retrievem during next application use. ѻѻ * MUCH: Sh location places, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Customificationunds, Landscape mode, Message timestamps, Email chattory, Broadcast messages mediacontacts atce, much much! ѻѻ --------------------------------------------------------- ѻѻ We’re always excited hear!you have any feedback, questions, concerns, please email us at: ѻѻ ѻѻ visit ѻѻ follow us twitter: ѻѻ ѻѻ @WhatsApp ѻѻ --------------------------------------------------------- ѻѻ WhatsApp iPhone works virtuallycarriers networkssome carrier limitations may Apple unsupported wireless carrier,uble checkFAQ up dateformation coverage. ѻѻE: WhatsApptelephony application iPod iPad supported s. ѻѻ What's New Version 2.8.4: ѻѻ -crease group chats 30 ѻѻfo ѻѻ <input type="button" value=""> ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ ѻѻ