Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Game Releases • Farts vs Zombies v1.2

Farts vs Zombies v1.2
http://Crackedandroid-apps.blogspot.com/ Android 2.1 up
Overview: Rid world zombiesr farts!


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Colonel John Farter,Americanficer who spent seven yearsNorth Vietnamese POW camp, just returned discover hometown full zombies. Andly weapon againstms.

Join Farter he join old friend Banana Max,ger, freewn Evil Unicorn army zombies!

In Farts VS Zombies have kill zombies farts, draw finger path farts directmir faces. Protect Japanese schoolgirls attack zombies long possible!

Zombies hate farts,’sly thing that killm, well…lye really. But game than that, Fart Combos, use funny Special Attacksems competeline rankingsr friends see whost farter!

Farts VS Zombies putsgerdifferent elements mixesmtocrude, vulgar, absurdalsoreally fun, entertaining game. Fart away!

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Released chathu_ac