Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cracked Android Apps|Game Releases • Absolute RC Heli Simulator v1.2.0

Absolute RC Heli Simulatv1.2.0
http://Crackedandroid-apps.blogspot.com/ Android 2.1+
Overview: Probablyst RC Heli Simulaton phone.

Probablyst RC Heli Simulaton phone.
RC helicopter simulator. Realistic modelhavior, lifelike heli models flying fields. Do flyr real modelfore trying program! Will save$ days waiting model parts. Crashing model here costhing. Learn flyout fear. Rain wind outside, start flying right now!
You get four models, 3 flying fields, 3 setteractive objects, 4 camera modes 4 controller modes. Gettingof much cheaper than buyingm separatelyfree absolute rc heli sim.
Blade CX -ginner coaxial model, self leveling stable, good makingr steps.
Twister Coast Guard - scale coaxial model,ginnertermediate flyer.
TRex 450 - collective pitch electric helicopter. Very hard learn, if flye, flym all. We havecludedginner setup, addition settingstermediate advanced 3d fliers.
C46 Sea Knight - twin rotscale electric helicopter collective pitch.big model that flies scale like fashion.
Flying fieldscluded:
Osage Park
Island Fliers
The programcludes 3teractive object sets that loaded any flying field.teractive objects used learning landing precise model control.
In addition fixed point camera that represents RC pilot point view, we havecluded follow up camera that allows walkinghind model. That useful when just start, model never gets away.
Please tryfull featured professional RC flight simulatClearView PC here: http://rcflightsim.com - see video ClearViewllow.

1.game. controlling flying rc models that reacts like real flying models. takesme time learn, again, expect "arcade" style controls.
2.screen control sticks justdicators!y made smally obscure screen.
*** need keepr fingersm ***
Slidingr finger any where right screen half affects right control stick , same left screen part - sliding fingerre moves left control stick.
We suggest selectginner settings at few daysfore comfortably progress furr.

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